A Day In The Life Of... Alexander Dreymon | The Last Kingdom

Alexander Dreymon who plays our hero, Uhtred, takes you on location to Northumbria, UK. Joined by Gerard Kearns (Halig) and Mark Rowley (Finan). Instagram: www.instagram.com/TheLastKingdom Twitter: www.twitter.com/TheLastKingdom Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheLastKingdomOfficial The Last Kingdom is a British historical fiction television series based on Bernard Cornwell's The Saxon Stories series of novels. The series airs on BBC America and on BBC Two in the UK.

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E. R.
E. R.:
That was a outstanding episode ! So emotional ! I want more ! The Last Kingdom is so underrated ! This show is fantastic !
Nora Rosario
Nora Rosario:
please DONT EVER CANCEL THIS SHOW keep it running for as long as law and order runs and walking dead case this show is just as amazing maybe even more!!
Haligs death really got me I wasn't expecting him to die like that.
pingas joe
pingas joe:
Did anyone else almost cry when sigefrid and Erik died
Emily Henderson
Emily Henderson:
The scene in the field with Hilde and Uhtred is so powerful. There is such an inspiring dynamic between those two, it pretty amazing how they're able to capture it. These scenes are shot with the perfect amount of camera shake and great angles, the artistry and attention to detail that goes into in all of the episodes is amazing. Halig's death really tore me up, as did that of Leofric. I hope Uhtred doesn't lose anymore brothers but I have a feeling that won't be the case
one of the most underrated shows ever
emma lee
emma lee:
that camera guy was so attractive omg
C Alex
C Alex:
The Last Kingdoms is far more realistic than Vikings. It reflects by far the most realistic details of the livings and fightings of the medieval world than any other movies or series I ever watched and I watched a lot. Its plot is both well twisted, realistic and natural. It depicts all characters' and all sides' courage, light moments and cunning, unlike Vikings that treated non-Vikings mostly as purely weak despicable objects. It reflects the ancient freedom of British people and a kind of United States under God in the medieval time as intended by the director.
Just finished season 3 can’t wait till 4 I love this show!
Jo Co
Jo Co:
He is the most handsome man in the world
I won the shot put! 🏆🏆
Loved working on this video and TLK is the BEST!! 👌🏼😁😄
Samriddhi Dastidar
Samriddhi Dastidar:
That moment when a husky video bombs at 2:26
Excellent series with outstanding actors! Just discovered this series on Netflix and the entire family is hooked. Alexander
Dreymon star power shines. Every episode is filmed authentically with tremendous creativity. Hoping for a season 3.
John Nelson
John Nelson:
Man, this is so weird seeing "behind the scenes". Out of all the shows I'm super enchanted by, The Last kingdom is the one where I get completely drawn into, and forget that it's not real....that it's cinematography magic created by the squad of actors and production people. So I'm like "Wait...so Alexander was wearing makeup, and didn't actually starve and suffer...oh yeah, doy. That's his job"
Mikhael Bureau
Mikhael Bureau:
Ok, the 3 first episodes of this season was, to me, better than all vikings series. Better characters, better scripts, better camera plans, stronger moments. The scene when Finan pull his sword out of the viking shipmaster and take his revenge was delicious.
Mirna Sanchez
Mirna Sanchez:
I just finished watching season 3. I hope theres a season 4. Crossing fingers. My husband loves this show
Destiny is all
Sam Gaudet
Sam Gaudet:
out of all that slavery, starvation and turmoil he found one of his most Loyal Friends and this one doesnt call him Arseling LoL
Mia Graf
Mia Graf:
Alexander is still so adorable even as a dirty slave 😍 Those slave episodes were intense though!!! Can't wait for the next season!!!
Yolanda Cox
Yolanda Cox:
I thoroughly enjoyed all three seasons of the last kingdom. Every episode kept you on the edge of your seat. Looking forward to season 4. I’m a fan.
Merry Reymond
Merry Reymond:
Alex Dreymon is so beautiful. Gorgeous dogs! Fun to watch this! Can't wait for 2nd Season to air. Love the shot put.
Lindsey Otterson
Lindsey Otterson:
"Oh you're dead too."
"Yeah...we're all dead but you."
I wonder if that part where he trips in the sand was intentional or it actually happened and they just rolled with it. Either way, brilliant acting!
Deborah A
Deborah A:
Camera men is fineeeeeeeeeeeeee😍🥰😋
Great series! Loved it when Uthred killed the priest! It is going to find great success! Acting, make-up, direction is brilliant and Alexander is also very yummy.
Tatiana B.
Tatiana B.:
I want season 3!
Gabriela Luna
Gabriela Luna:
Man oh man ..im in love with this guy ❤️❤️
I was beginning to think I was the only person in the whole world who watched this show now Reading through the comments I can see many more fell in love wit Alex!
Jen S
Jen S:
I'm loving season 2 so far!
Had a terrible day... and this absolutely made me laugh, last thing before bed. Thanks, Alex.
White Reaper
White Reaper:
I bet alexander has played alot of skyrim 😂
SH Uploads
SH Uploads:
When is Season 3 going to Air?😰One of the greatest show of all time.Can't wait to see another season😞
If Mourning Ever Comes
If Mourning Ever Comes:
"We're all dead but you." lol!
Dragan King
Dragan King:
Iam uhtred son of uhtred, the last kingdom is one of The best tv show thats been made, destiny is all.
Kelsie D
Kelsie D:
watching the last kingdom on Netflix. can't wait for the next episode.
much love from New Zealand.
Roland Lemus
Roland Lemus:
Can't say enough about the whole production of this show, finished watching (rewatching) all 3 seasons back to back and wow, it an emotional rollercoaster! All the main characters are such great actors and convey the emotion of what is going on so well! The fight scenes are outstanding, I know A LOT of work went into those, and it shows, flows and you sucked into the series and events, and losing main characters is HEARTBREAKING:( but I get it. You guys rock, and thank you for such a great show! So HAPPY that you have season 4 on the way, loved the Alexander vid on announcing it!
Kaitlyn Champagne
Kaitlyn Champagne:
2019--how am I just discovering this show?? Binging through 3 seasons!!!
Only.whitney’s Channel
Only.whitney’s Channel:
Damn camera guy looking good asf😂‼️
miss reacher
miss reacher:
Love the guys having fun boys playing with stones!bloody love this show!
Mandy Marie
Mandy Marie:
Alexander Dreymon is the most gorgeous guy on this planet! That aside, this is by far my favorite show!! Bring on season 3!!!
Nicole Olson
Nicole Olson:
This was such an emotional episode. The Last Kingdom is so underrated! I love it! Can't wait for Season 4!
Winter Green
Winter Green:
When are you coming to America Mr Dreymon? I got some Fried chicken 🍗 that has your name on it 🤔😁 😂I just discovered your show on Netflix and I Absolutely love it almost as much as Game of Thrones! This scene really hit home for me because of course I'm black and a lot of my ancestors were probably brought over in that same type of ship in those same conditions I was so sad you played the hell out of his character I was so sad for you it almost brought a tear to my eyes. Not to mention your body is banging and I'm not usually attracted to white men but no shade you are beautiful 😃😂😂😂
Rodney Higgins
Rodney Higgins:
Uhtred: A Dane in the life of... Alexander Dreymon.
Majal Lynne Balmes
Majal Lynne Balmes:
I love you Uhtred of Bebbanburg! 😍
Netflix - season 4 🙏🙏
Tami Patrick
Tami Patrick:
I watched all 3 seasons in 2 nights I was that hooked. Bloody brilliant! Love, love, love 💕 from Australia 🇦🇺
RayofLight General
RayofLight General:
I wish they'll make more of " A day in a life", really makes you appreciate all the hard work the film crew and the actors do.
Brooke Stop
Brooke Stop:
I noticed when Alexander talks on this video he has a similar accent to the one on the show but when he talks on interviews he sounds much more American. Probably in costume & easy to stay in character. Love him!!! And love this show!!!! ♥️♥️♥️
Dennis Reynolds
Dennis Reynolds:
It's insane how much this show has progressed. Season 2 is as good as Game of Thrones in my opinion, and it really made me love Uhtred after hating the shit out of him for almost the entire season 1. THis show honestly has some of the best character development I've ever seen.
If Netflix has financed anywhere near 50% of this season, they need a more skilled negotiator, STAT!
So glad I decided to listen to Netflix’s recommendation and watch this show. It’s incredible. Really deserves a lot more recognition.
Petya Ivanova
Petya Ivanova:
Season 3, guys... we are still waiting!
anyone else dislike king alfred just finished s 2 and i just cant warm too him seems a coward and a fool
The new characters sound promising, amazing show so far!
This Channel Is Dead
This Channel Is Dead:
I just watched that episode and it really hit me. That’s like, basically what every slave has gone through
Nameless Hero
Nameless Hero:
Episode 2x03 has been memorable, I have no word to describe how beautiful has been, fucking epic!! I love this series!!
Tiringharp0636 Caleb
Tiringharp0636 Caleb:
I enjoyed and devoured every episode! please come back soon!
Josephine Mbungani
Josephine Mbungani:
I love Uhtred...I can’t wait for the third season
Amy Sheldon
Amy Sheldon:
Best episode to date! So emotional!
Debra Rainey
Debra Rainey:
My God he is gorgeous! Love this show!
paul b
paul b:
Great show particularly season three. Getting me through GOT withdrawals
Love this show, keep it coming guys!
Awesome Dude
Awesome Dude:
Wow, he stays in character with the accent the whole time.
Cabbage Lettuce
Cabbage Lettuce:
You cannot be this hot!
all of it got me this entire movie was so good and believable emotional, I just finished the series and I feel empty I want more!!!!
Great show , I wish all the best to everyone who is involved in it
Eilton Ribeiro
Eilton Ribeiro:
EXCELLENT!! C'mon, you guys should do this to every episode on the show!
Katie Newell
Katie Newell:
Such a great episode!! Please show more behind the scenes stuff!
Frank Cascio
Frank Cascio:
Honestly I Love Game of Thrones but this show is giving it a run for its money I love the last Kingdom
Elay Mojica
Elay Mojica:
When I watched this scene I was thinking if he hurt himself when he slipped on that scene or was it intentional. 😂
Hamza Changazi
Hamza Changazi:
Somehow I knew that they'd get a Scot to play Finan.
linda dubeau
linda dubeau:
"Oh my God the sun cream never worked" Haha love it!
This is BY FAR my favorite show, so much so that I've finished the first 10 books multiple times. To be fair though, they were audiobooks. I can't wait for season 3 or (audio)book 11.
Nagedienag Dude
Nagedienag Dude:
Season 4 will be coming soon, I hope. The last Kingdom is great! I love it!!
Season 3 was full of tears and emotional moments with Alfred and Uhtred finally finding their peace is just great... hoping for more..
Dana Wagner
Dana Wagner:
Love This series, just power watched all 3 seasons with my Honey. He had never seen it. I was just as entertained the second time threw as I was the first time.
Carrie Ann
Carrie Ann:
You are the best of the best! Show is the best there is on netflix.
Claudia White
Claudia White:
Outstanding!!! Love ❤️ you guys!!!! Gorgeous Uhtred!!!!👍❤️😍
Flávia Sousa
Flávia Sousa:
Maravilhoso amei esse cara ótimo personagen ❤️❤️❤️
Cj W
Cj W:
Just finished watching the entire series.
I still want more. Lol
I wasn't ready for the series to be over yet.
Everyone did an awesome job !!!
Slavomíra Nemčíková
Slavomíra Nemčíková:
8:29 "we're all dead but you" is the best description of this show I've ever come across
Tricia Cassel-Gerard
Tricia Cassel-Gerard:
God that was emotional. Re reading/listening to the books and obviously this episode massively contracted the book but I think it was a great treatment. The scenes back home were so poignant with Ragnar and Hild. Brilliant acting from everyone but esp Alex! Xxx one thing that was a bit odd Uhtred's hair seems to vary in length quite a lot. I like it parted in the middle! And where are the arm rings he's so proud of. Love it. Quite obsessed at the moment!! Xx
Chen Galo
Chen Galo:
so sad... this episode when Halig died ,,my heart tear :( but I love you Uhtred or alexander <3
Loving the behind the scenes stuff so far! Keep it up!
Praise The Sun
Praise The Sun:
Spartacus, the lost kingdom, knightfall and the walking dead are my top favourite tv series. Bring on TLK season 4!
The Last Kingdom is the best series ever!

I hope they continue and do all of them... until the very end! My addiction!
Pablo Oliva
Pablo Oliva:
When is the second season coming out
Alexander is an amazing actor and in between him and the rest of the amazing cast, it is indeed a great show!😚☺😊
blackfeather dog
blackfeather dog:
watching season 3 NOW!!.........still just as good :-)
Denise Evers
Denise Evers:
The feeeeeellllllsssss in this episode!
prince rakeem
prince rakeem:
I love the last kingdom so much! Season 3 quickly please!!!
Jesa Cavalcante
Jesa Cavalcante:
Lindo amo muito você! Adoro essa série já assisti umas 10 vezes e não me canso de assistir, adoro eu amo o Alexandre
sotir Rodica Iuliana
sotir Rodica Iuliana:
I love him he îs The best😍😍😍🤗🤗
Shayne Shrader
Shayne Shrader:
This show is awesome. Just started season 2. I love it.
Piper Tudhope
Piper Tudhope:
Your beautiful!
Lou J
Lou J:
I love this series sooooo much😍😍😍absolutely amazing! Just discovered it on Netflix and binge-watched it in 3 days! I need a season 4❣️😍👌🏼😊
Jhonathan Marquez
Jhonathan Marquez:
This is my favorite show
Brian-Ross Haynes
Brian-Ross Haynes:
The Irish dude, Clappa and the Nun were my favorite bonds people of Uhtred
Anna Śnieg
Anna Śnieg:
Just finished watching season 2 and I'm so crushed with all those deaths 😔 what a pity...some of my favourite characters ended their lives 😣 also I'm soooo hungry for new episodes & new adventures! Can't wait to see them! I would have never thought that Last Kingdom would beat Vikings for me personally.
"oh you're dead too " haahhhahahahhaah