8 Hidden Details in the Harley Quinn and Birds of Prey Teaser! (Nerdist News w/ Jessica Chobot)

Aquaman has showed us that the DCEU isn't dead and now we have a new teaser for Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn and Birds of Prey movie to add to it! It was short, but did it give us a ton of clues? Jessica breaks it down on today's Nerdist News! Did you enjoy the teaser? Let us know in the comments below! Subscribe for more Nerdist News: http://nerdi.st/subscribe More on this story: http://bit.ly/2MBQ4uw More DCEU: https://nerdist.com/tag/dceu/ Watch more Nerdist News: http://bit.ly/1qvVVhV Follow Us: Facebook https://facebook.com/nerdist Twitter https://twitter.com/Nerdist Instagram https://instagram.com/nerdist/ Nerdist News https://twitter.com/NerdistNews Jessica Chobot https://twitter.com/JessicaChobot Dan Casey https://twitter.com/dancasey Kyle Hill https://twitter.com/sci_phile Nerdist News 5 days a week, Monday through Friday. Image: DC #harleyquinn #birdsofprey #dceu

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MasterOnion North
MasterOnion North:
Margot's Harely Quinn was the only decent thing in Suicide Squad, and you can never go wrong with having Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Ewan onboard, so yeah, call me mildly intrigued.

Paul Witzenburger
Paul Witzenburger:
I hope they are keeping her for a full trailer reveal, but how do you have Birds of Prey without Barbara Gordon as either Batgirl or Oracle?
aditya paul
aditya paul:
The teaser looked like a clothing ad !
Ndudi Obichi
Ndudi Obichi:
Harley's short hair is growing on me. But i don't like any of there costumes. They look nothing like they do in the comics
Erik Rashawn Coates
Erik Rashawn Coates:
Dc isn’t dead they just need to stay away from Batman and Superman for awhile
DAV charley
DAV charley:
😎 I dig it 😎
Zak Landman
Zak Landman:
Aquaman did good back it actually followed it's comic counterpart and only changed a few things. This looks like a completely new story and has nothing to do with the comics other than the names so idk if it will get the same reaction. If you're going to have villians they should look kinda like their comic versions hopefully we get that towards the end like with did with aquaman in full orange and green with these girls and villians.
"Its over Harley, I have the high ground!"-Black Mask 2020
Coming off of Fargo season 3; Ewan and Mary Elizabeth Winstead are great together. Great casting all around.
Rico’s Party.
Rico’s Party.:
Where’s cat woman and poison ivy?
I'd personally be much more invested in a Gotham City Sirens movie than in Birds of Prey. Catwoamn and Poison Ivy have much more colourful personalities and offer more to bounce off of for Harley Quinn than Huntress and Black Canary.
Jesse Sutton
Jesse Sutton:
So DC hasn’t learned anything
Redemption Gaming
Redemption Gaming:
The "SEE YOU SOON" reminded me of Jim Carrey in "Batman Forever" after leaving his clue at Wayne Manor...
Lygon Fire
Lygon Fire:
I was hoping it be closer to the comics. I already have a bad feeling about this. Suicide Squad type of bad feeling.
The Sandwitch
The Sandwitch:
I didn't think they could get worse, but that is an even shittier looking Harley
Hell they all look gaudy
"Here! See! We really *are* making this movie. We have footage to prove it."
making it cheaper and cheaper to cosplay as Harley, I LOVE IT!
PS: DC PLEASE make this a legit Batgirl,... for once.
Al's Variety
Al's Variety:
I'm definitely intrigued by this movie.

But, I'd like to see more.
Matt L
Matt L:
It does look like Zsasz has scars on his forehead right at the hairline though.
I will say that one ofthe high points of Gotham, for me, was seeing VZ carve a notch into his arm.
Soooooo not down with the new look for Harley. Unpopular opinion but Margot Robbie should not play HQ.
Alex Elliott
Alex Elliott:
Laughed way to hard at the 'hello there' bit 😂
rose novel
rose novel:
Someone mentioned beforehand but Harley and Cass seem to have no visual relation to their comic book counterparts. I'm not too worried about Harley bc lord knows shes going to change her look several times in this show and will be somewhat like the comic book Harley. But I am a bit worried about Cass. I've been a fan of hers since I read batgirl vol 1 in middle school. As such even though I've been waiting for a version of Cass outside of comics for years the last thing I want is a character that's Cassandra Cain in name only.
I love everything they going towards Harley, so excited
Rotten tomatoes 🍅 score 23%.
Badz Sculptures
Badz Sculptures:
Got more emotion than Captain Marvel's long trailers,
Isaac Atticus
Isaac Atticus:
I like the Zsasz from Gotham. hes always so much fun when hes on screen.
Michail Maris
Michail Maris:
Victor Zsasz from Gotham is pretty cool so I hope they make this one just as cool
julie youngberg
julie youngberg:
Omg...sooooThe CW has another new show coming out? 😂😂😂
But everyone knows it’s England that’s my city
Zardoz Xerxes
Zardoz Xerxes:
Oh dear... I getting a bad feelin bout dis 1!
Close to the comics. It should be evident by now. Look at Aquaman. They did the impossible. They made Aquaman awesome! All with corny costumes and funny names. So what. It's a comic medium. They can get away with it. Give us goofy and silly if it's the tone of the comic. Marvel got that right a long time ago. Give us a REAL Justice League after all this dark brooding crap.
Alex Davies
Alex Davies:
i cant forgive the idiotic decision to have her magically reverse the acme chemicals and develop dark roots.
MD Rivera
MD Rivera:
Man Harley looks good but everyone else looks like they're from the CW. Here's hoping the trailer looks amazing.
Amanda DeNoyer
Amanda DeNoyer:
I see what you did there with the cast 🤪
Herb Coswell
Herb Coswell:
I am actually kindof excited for this.
TurnDownFor What
TurnDownFor What:
I haven't seen suicide squad but I'm already tired of anything related to it.
Olivia Williams
Olivia Williams:
I absolutely loath it
Fitri Ramadhani
Fitri Ramadhani:
whos know we still alive until 2020😂😂😂
Lit As fuck doe
Lit As fuck doe:
This aesthetic reeks of suicide squad and it’s not in a good way 😰🤮🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
Can't wait for the actual trailer. Most likely coming in Comic Con this july
I'm very excited for this.
Olivia Bodily
Olivia Bodily:
I’m pumped but mostly for my man ewan I miss him
Jon- Atron
Jon- Atron:
Looks more like a TV series on par with Arrow... which isn’t very good btw.
Eric Deschênes
Eric Deschênes:
This time I wont be mad if someone at WB pulls the plug and kill this movie
A. A
A. A:
I'm hyped
Talaris Watts-El
Talaris Watts-El:
The teaser looks awesome.
Margot is just fire as h early quinn
Rami Ungar
Rami Ungar:
That's Chris Messina? I thought that was Drake with his hair dyed blonde!
Iliana Wong
Iliana Wong:
Yaaaaas Cassandra Cain~ 😍
Vishwamitra Ngasepam
Vishwamitra Ngasepam:
You blurred her cast.😂🤬
ethan cianfarani
ethan cianfarani:
Aquaman did amazing because of how great it represented the comics this movie is trash and looks nothing like the comics cast is terrible and is just a Margot Robbie paycheque and should be cancelled right away
Jay Flack
Jay Flack:
🤢 another one we will love the trailers for but will hate after its release.

Darkbend Darkykins
Darkbend Darkykins:
Hello there!
good AS Gold
good AS Gold:
Still no Oracle?
Freedom Today
Freedom Today:
Finally ! !
If there's no Birds of Prey song... I'm ghosting this film.
SomeRandomBoi YT
SomeRandomBoi YT:
Obi-wan as a bad guy?
Oh boi...
Nicole E.
Nicole E.:
i am OBSESSED with the pom pom jacket
Khairul Fadzly A. Karim
Khairul Fadzly A. Karim:
Where’s Oracle?
Ivy Smith
Ivy Smith:
Booooooooo I wanted Gotham city sirens... catwowan, poison ivy, HQ
Zain Redding
Zain Redding:
OMG did they reference The Question? In a movie? If The Question is in a movie I will know deep in my soul that 12 me was right.
i want a pompom shirt
Clay Campbell
Clay Campbell:
Pop-pop sleeves the hit thing in 2020? Hell I`ve been wearing them since 02
I’m betting he’ll have the scars on his body.
aditya paul
aditya paul:
Will this be r rated ?
why they played the 80s disco music for this teaser ?
Those might be early costumes, before they team up, each were doing their own thing. Sort of like the Flash's put together suit in JL.
Le Thanh Hiep
Le Thanh Hiep:
Please do a video about AoS's new teaser.
Dan Hollis
Dan Hollis:
I have a crazy concept; how about DC stops trying to give the world the ”fresh”, ”new” takes on characters and stories -just give us the characters and stories that we all know and want and stop being so extra about it -clearly the classic and original stories work better (check the box office)
Alyson Lima
Alyson Lima:
? Question ?

She is question ? This is dope.
Olivia K. Bennett
Olivia K. Bennett:
Okay, Where is Ivy?
Simon Emmett
Simon Emmett:
Not a fan of suicide squid but I will as always be my own critic when I see the film
bernie-beltran munoz
bernie-beltran munoz:
What the name of the song on the teaser !???
Luke Cornish
Luke Cornish:
Honestly, this line up looks pretty damn good, it does however look unfinished and this is probably some kind of testing phase, why they’d show it now? No clue, probably trying to start the hype train early, and tbh, I’m hyped, they’re bringing in some pretty dope characters which I love
Hello there
S C:
im in heaven with all these hot chics and i mean im not gay, but did ewan look the sexiest or what!
Why is her hair short 🙁
Rusty -XBL
Rusty -XBL:
These costumes dont look very superhero/comic like dont think ill watch it, definitely doesnt look cool would much rather a different super hero movie
Abby Beatson
Abby Beatson:
I like the thought of Harley's collar being a reference to Bruce Timm instead of Bruce Wayne.
I hope it’s good x10
Cyril Moore
Cyril Moore:
Looks cool
Jonathan Cabrera
Jonathan Cabrera:
Wait. No Poison Ivy, no Catwoman? Or is that Gotham City Sirens?
Gamer Id
Gamer Id:
general kenobi...
Prefer the longer hair Harley....
matthew styles
matthew styles:
Wtf i was expecting good char like harley ivy and.... the other 1 batgirl??? Im thinking bad girl
Reagan Reviews 1939
Reagan Reviews 1939:
Not sure how I feel about this but they need their comic suits.
len got
len got:
alita fly!!!
Eduard Ortiz
Eduard Ortiz:
I'm really a fan of Harley Quinn and I love her too much, but I don't like to see her like that
Josh Lemus
Josh Lemus:
Really wanted poison ivy but I guess not
Frank Lurten
Frank Lurten:
Who's gonna be Montoya's girlfriend?
Heartless Gaming
Heartless Gaming:
When they went back to comic esc form with Aquaman (bright colors more light hearted) they had a good movie and a lot of success. That said, I'm worried that, from seeing this trailer, this movie will end up more like suicide squad. Where they took too many liberties with the characters on how they looked and how the acted/sounded. I can see some comparisons with the (in my opinion worst joker) Jared Leto joker and this new Harley Quinn get-up. I just hope that these changes aren't too dramatic or just with the costumes. But with what we have seen with these new characters and with DC movies in the past I'm worried that we might get a Suicide Squad part 2.
Lame Media
Lame Media:
before see the teaser = im so hyped
after see the teaser = meh...
Vernon Dent
Vernon Dent:
Two things missing: Barbara Gordon/Oracle, and Selina Kyle/Catwoman. (Although, this is just a teaser.) Nonetheless, at least one of them should be represented in the movie.
Super bowl teaser trailer
Random Nerdery
Random Nerdery:
The only problem I have at this point is the absence of Poison Ivy. PARTY FOUL!!!
Magic Nightcore
Magic Nightcore:
i hope black canary has her canary cry
The Coon
The Coon:
rockstar black canary is dope