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Amazon employees could be banned from writing certain words on company's planned internal messaging app The new app could block words including 'plantation' and 'slave labour' Amazon has argued that the entire list
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Prime Video streaming ...

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[The New York Times] How Christian Smalls and Derrick Palmer Beat Amazon .The company's crackdown on a worker protest in New York backfired and led to a historic labor victory. ... View more

[Forbes] Amazon Workers On Staten Island Successfully Voted To Form A ... .In a historic event, employees at an Amazon warehouse in Staten Island, one of the five boroughs of New York City, voted Friday to join a union. ... View more

[NPR] He was fired by Amazon 2 years ago. Now he's the force behind the ... .Chris Smalls didn't rely on traditional labor groups for funding or organizing power. Instead he raised money through GoFundMe and talked to former ... View more

[The Guardian] Teamsters president vows to pressure Amazon after New York votes ... .Sean O'Brien says it's vital to organize Amazon, asserting that the company has 'total disrespect' for its workers. ... View more

[Slate Magazine] How Amazon Warehouse Employees Won Their First Union .A team of workers in Staten Island faced down one of the fiercest anti-union corporation companies in the U.S.—and succeeded. ... View more

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