Allen Robinson 31 on NFL Top 100

Allen Robinson 31 on NFL Top 100
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[] Ravens Among Teams Who Should Pursue Trade for Allen Robinson. It's not often a Pro Bowl player is available well before the trade deadline, but that could ... Late for Work 9/16: Ravens Named Among Teams Who Could ... View more

[] Allen Robinson has not requested a trade, but he is unhappy with his contract situation in Chicago, at least according to his agent. On Tuesday evening ... Agent denies Allen Robinson has requested trade from Bears but ... View more

[] Robinson will attract several suitors if the Bears decide to test the market. Allen Robinson reportedly unhappy with Bears: Washington leads ... View more

[NBC Chicago] Chicago Bears wide receiver Allen Robinson is in the final year of a three-year contract he signed with the team prior to the 2018 season, and although a report. Allen Robinson's Agent Reportedly Denies His Client Requested ... View more

[] On Twitter, Robinson removed a cartoon cover photo of himself in his Bears uniform and simply described himself as a "Pro Bowl wide receiver" instead of a "Pro ... Allen Robinson reportedly requests trade after removing all Bears ... View more

[] Allen Robinson's lack of a contract extension in Chicago has left him frustrated. So frustrated, in fact, he's wiped his social media of all references to the Bears. Allen Robinson feels disrespected in contract extension talks with ... View more

[Chicago Tribune] The divide between Allen Robinson and the Chicago Bears runs deeper than Robinson removing mentions of the Bears from his social media accounts. Allen Robinson: Chicago Bears receiver asks for trade ... View more

[] You know the primary context here: Allen Robinson has been a revelation for the Chicago Bears, who nevertheless have yet to sign him to an extension here in ... Oh Great, Now People Are Talking About an Allen Robinson Trade ... View more

[Comcast SportsNet Chicago] Well, gang. The Bears are in a pickle. While we were sleeping, Allen Robinson wiped any and all signs of Chicago Bears presence from his social media ... Bears' Allen Robinson stokes contract extension concerns with new ... View more


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Allen Robinson 31 on NFL Top 100

Allen Robinson 31 on NFL Top 100

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Allen Robinson 31 on NFL Top 100.